5 Common Mistakes To Avoid For Drain Cleaning

Most homeowners neglect the drain cleaning part in their home, which results in unusual clogs, blocked drains Maidstone and leakage issues. When performing the drain cleaning, the homeowner tends to make some common mistakes. Let’s see what those common mistakes homeowners make to unclog a drain are.

·      Using Chemical

Once you have clogged the drain, the first solution you think of is to use a chemical liquid drain cleaner. You can find a lot of drain cleaners available in the market that claim to do efficient drain cleaning.

But actually, they can’t keep their promise. Instead, they will worsen the problem. Every kind of blockage has a different solution.

For example, if you have solids in your drain pipe, the chemical will not be able to clean it. Even if it is the harshest chemical, it will still be unable to melt the solid.

·      Using Homemade Tools

Maybe you don’t know the cause of your blocked drains Maidstone. So, you bought a chemical and poured it into the gutter and waited for the result. But when it cannot clean the pipe, you think to shove something into the drain pipe and force it to clean the clog. As a result, you get your drain pipe broken. It would help if you did not use any homemade tool to clean your drain pipe, as it deserves something specifically designed for the sole purpose.

·      Not Using The Plunger Properly

There are two major types of plungers available in the market. One is for the sink, and the other is for the toilet. Improper use of the right plunger for the bathroom can damage the pipe. Using a plumber seems easy, but how you use it makes a huge difference. It would help if you used the plunger slowly down the drain. Rapid suction may push the waste further down the drain.

·      Using Garden Hoses

Nowadays, people find it easy to clean their drain lining clogs using the garden hoses. While some can clear a part of that drain clog, most end up with a bigger mess than in the beginning stage. However it may seem easy to clean some minor clogs, but most of them are difficult to remove. So, it is always better to consult a professional for these types of work.

·      Not Inspecting The Drain

Early detection of clogs is the key to preventing severe drainage issues. Most of the time, people usually don’t think about their drainage issues unless they have a severe blockage. Set a date of months to have checkups on drains to avoid such mistakes.

In this checking session, you can notice how quickly the water is draining here and if there is any odour or not. It will help to avoid severe drain blockage issues.


Once every year, you should have a full inspection of your drain lining system by any professional. The professional generally has the right tools and strategies to spot any issue quicker. They can even inspect specific areas where visual inspection is impossible.

Patton Bork
the authorPatton Bork