A Comparison Between Timber House and Traditional House

In the UK, these days many people prefer timber houses instead of traditional houses. Timber-framed houses can be as robust and solid as any traditional block-built house. Largely, it is because houses need to meet certain standards as far as building regulations are concerned.

Any timber frame builder such as Vision Development will offer a 10-year guarantee for the timber house, which is almost the same as any block-built house.

Timber frame house versus traditional construction

Usually, most buyers who go for traditional types of houses are not fully aware of the total process of how these timber houses are actually made. When you will go for timber houses then it will follow an entirely different type of process.

In any normal circumstances, all timber-framed houses provided by the timber frame builders will be every bit as much solid and robust as any traditional houses built with block or stick.

This has become possible because builders need to follow certain building codes that have been suggested by the local regulatory authorities about building construction. Before you go for such timber frame houses, it is suggested that you must try to research to know the various benefits and drawbacks that these timber houses can offer to you.

Let us compare the timber house and the traditional houses based on the following few parameters.

1.     Pricing

Whenever you go for buying any new house then one of the biggest factors that most of us have to consider is the price. If you prefer to go for a timber house, then you can build a house at a much lesser cost than any traditional house.

However, that does not mean you will compromise the quality. At a much lower price, you can build a beautiful custom-built home for you that will last a lifetime.

2.     Aesthetics

The kind of appeal that you can get from any timber frame can never be compared with any traditional house. A timber house will offer a timeless beauty as each piece of large heavy timbers will be pre-cut as per the design.

After the whole material is delivered to your building site, all the individual members are then assembled piece by piece almost like a puzzle.

3.     Insulation

In case of traditional homes, there are many different choices for insulation and a homeowner chooses according to his budget.

While in the case of timber frames, there will be the most cost-effective insulation that can be easily added during the fabrication. They will be custom designed and for each project, they will be chosen and will make your home highly energy efficient.

4.     Durability

The durability and longevity of your timber house will depend upon what kind of fasteners are used and also the design of your house. If the materials are properly protected from various elements then their durability will also increase substantially.

Ultimately, the lifespan of most homes, whether it is timber frame or a traditional home, is equally durable.

If this post has generated interest for a timber house then meet the Vision Development representative today.

Patton Bork
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