Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips

Artificial lawns are a low-maintenance, attractive option for any garden. You may get rid of your lawn mower, hoes, and spades for good and spend more of your free time enjoying your garden if you follow these helpful maintenance guidelines.


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How to Clean Synthetic Grass

Your artificial lawn, like any other aspect of your home, will benefit from frequent cleaning. Don’t allow dirt build up for long periods of time; many of our clients employ the “little and often” method to keep their lawns looking new.

It is recommended that you clean your fake grass at least once a week with your garden pants or a pail of warm soapy water. This removes dirt, dust and debris and will limit the germination and production of airborne seeds by surface weeds. If you have animals, rainwater will clean your home of any urine adequately, but a more vigorous cleaning will remove unwanted scents more regularly. If you’re eager, a number of fake grass cleaners can keep your grass smelling pleasant, but the good old water is the perfect remedy.

If artificial grass is installed in your back garden, you should brush against the pile of the lawn, i.e. brush away from your home. If you put it in your front garden, you should brush it against the house so that it stands upright.

Weed it out!

You may notice surface weeds developing in your grass on occasion. By gently tugging them up, you may easily remove them. It’s critical to remove leaves and other natural waste from your lawn as often as possible to keep weeds at bay. A hard brush or a leaf blower might be used for this.

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Remove stains 

Accidents happen, especially when children and dogs are present. It’s critical to treat your Astro Turf garden as if it were a carpet in your home. While most spills may be readily cleaned up by hosing down the lawn with hot, soapy water, some, such as oil or glue, are far more difficult to remove and may discolor.

In these situations, prevention is far superior to cure. To avoid stains and to keep your lawn looking its best, keep any gasoline-powered garden tools or vehicles away from it. Furthermore, to avoid your fake grass being burned or scorched, keep barbeques and other sources of fire away from it. We strongly advise keeping a barbeque on a patio and ensuring that no hot ashes fall onto the grass.

You can ensure that your new lawn looks perfect no matter how you utilize your garden by following these basic maintenance guidelines. Please contact us if you have any concerns or would want to talk with someone about having an artificial lawn installed in your garden.

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