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Building facade washing equipment

The facade of the building allows you to demonstrate success and at the same time is an important component of the image of the city. The structure, gray from dirt and dust, makes only a depressing impression. In order to return the building to its original appearance, washing of the facade is required.

If you want walls and glass to be clean, you must use the appropriate equipment. The technique of washing the walls should be easy, convenient and perfectly remove any dirt that has appeared.

How to choose facade washing equipment

As a rule, cleaning of facades is carried out using special units that supply water under high pressure. Also, the equipment must have the function of adjusting the pressure of the outlet jet. The softer the material from which the facade is made, the more gentle treatment is required to clean the walls.

The following conditions should be taken into account before selecting the tools and method of operation:

  • building pollution rate;
  • the structure of the material to be cleaned;
  • the height of the facade to be washed;
  • frequency of future use of the building;
  • availability of special equipment;
  • plans for cleaning shop windows or panoramic windows.

Special equipment allows you to wash any kind of pollution. Lack of work skills can lead to damage to the coating. For qualified help, you should contact professionals.

The more floors in the building, the more difficult it is to wash it without the involvement of industrial climbers. This task will be handled by the employees of the company for washing facades under pressure at height.

In the process of work, specialists use:

  1. water and detergents for cleaning a certain type of facade;
  2. special sockets;
  3. brushes with a flexible handle, allowing you to clean the base of the house.

To prevent scratches on the glass, detergents are applied with a sprayer, after which they are distributed over the entire surface using a T-shaped pipe equipped with a special nozzle. A rubber scraper is used to remove moisture.

Using a sprayer, detergents can be applied to surfaces that are less sensitive to mechanical stress. Also in this case, you can use a wide brush with soft bristles.

If the façade area is large enough, equipment designed to provide continuous water supply should be connected. Apparatuses supplying liquid under high pressure allow you to qualitatively clean walls lined with brick, rough stone or plastered. More information of pressure washing you can find follow this link

Pressure washing technique has the following advantages

  • water consumption does not exceed the indicators when washing from a hose;
  • efficient operation is provided by the socket;
  • the supply of detergent from the tank is carried out directly into the hose;
  • even a facade lined with smooth materials will acquire an impeccable appearance.

With the pressure washer, you can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively clean facades with different types of surfaces:

  • concrete,
  • brick,
  • finished with stone, etc.

For washing the facades of high-rise buildings, elongated hoses are usually used. At the same time, the high-pressure apparatus itself can be located anywhere (on the roof, in one of the rooms and in other places convenient for work).

Pressure and special nozzles allow you to clean any dirt without heating water and using detergents. Thanks to this, it is possible to wash the walls not just cleanly, but with a high level of environmental friendliness. Steam generators that do not require the use of cleaning liquids are also widely used. It is effective cleaning without the use of chemical compounds that has become popular in recent years among customers who prefer to contact professional pressure washing companies in Chicago. It is the appeal to specialists that will allow you to do your own business, and to them your work, as a result of which you will get a clean facade of your house.

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