Designing A Garden To Impress

When it comes to designing a garden, it is most often true that your work will be on show for more than solely your friends and family. In fact, depending on your location, neighbours and passersby may just have a great view of your outdoor space, being able to pass judgement as they please. While your home should always be designed in a way that enables you to feel most comfortable, there’s nothing wrong with also consider a few stylistic extras that will impress those peeking over the fence.

There are a few features that never fail to capture attention and make onlookers jealous too, from stunning plants to handmade outdoor cooking facilities. And, conversely, there are some features that are prone to deterioration and should be, more often than not, avoided. So, to keep you feeling confident about your garden, we’ve put together top tips for designing a garden space that’s certain to look great!

Go Even Greener

Your outdoor space might already be equipped with a vivid verdant landscape but no matter how green your grass is there’s always the possibility for more. As climate change remains a growing concern for the planet, demonstrating your support for carbon neutrality with the installation of eco-friendly garden assets is certain to impress, and potentially inspire, those who pass by. Compost bins cut down food waste, solar panels are more efficient than ever, and wild patches support local pollinators.

Renovate Your Shed

Shed spaces are old news. As neat as they can be, their storage utility is often overvalued. As a result, more people are converting their outbuildings into more inspiring spaces, such as log cabins and summer houses. These structures are blank canvases for creative homeowners, enabling them to make their own studios, guest houses, and even professional office spaces.

Craft And Cook

There are a number of culinary assets that can be built relatively easily in your own garden. Features, such as a smoker or firebrick oven, can be put together with a few simple tools and locally sourced materials, making them the perfect outdoor project for budding or professional chefs. Plus, once they’re being used, the delicious smells will entire those for miles around.

A Zen Respite

Amid the busyness of our society, having your own private space within which to relax can be remarkably invaluable. Our gardens are not only the ideal place to create such a zen escape but they can also be designed in such a way that prying eyes are unable to see your garden activity. Hedges and trees are often preferable choices for styling such an enclosed space because, in addition to privacy, they also keep areas cool and become homes for local creatures.

Luxury Garden Furniture

When putting your garden together, your exterior design, as with any interior aesthetics, is always elevated by luxurious furniture. When making a purchase, be sure not only to splash out on decadent items, since they will always be on show but also those that hold up well in various weather conditions because, no matter how appealing a design is, nothing looks good when it’s blown into a neighbours garden or beginning to rust!

Patton Bork
the authorPatton Bork