How to Properly Care For Your Garden Shed

Your shed is a vital part of your garden. It keeps your gardening materials and equipment safe from the changing weather. You can also use it for other purposes, such as an extra guest room or space for your hobbies. But, just like your house, your shed needs proper care to last a long time. Here are ways to maintain your shed and keep it in excellent shape to avoid premature damage.

Treat your shed

If your shed is not treated, you must treat it ideally within seven days after construction. Wood can get weak and damaged with changing weather, especially when it rains a lot during the winter. Treating it will protect it from the elements. The following treatment should be after six months of its construction. After that, you can do it annually. You may go for a clear treatment or a coloured one depending on your preference. Apply paint if you want to add other colours and also an extra layer of protection. Repaint as needed, especially when you see it cracking or chipping.

Seal doors and windows

Water and moisture can get inside the shed through the gaps in your windows and doors. Prevent this from happening by sealing them. Use any sealing option like silicone that is water-resistant, so it can endure the rain and effectively protect your shed.

Fix holes and cracks

Regularly inspect your shed for any holes and cracks and fix them right away. These minor damages can quickly get worse if you leave them unfixed. Proper maintenance of sheds can last them a long time. However, if you have an old shed that is too damaged and costly to repair, you may consider getting a new one instead. You can have one customised to your wants, just like what you will find at www.norfolkgardensheds.com. They will give you a quote and build a shed to your liking.

Clean the roof regularly

Leaves and other debris may fall on the roof, and they can clog the gutter if you don’t remove them. Moreover, they could rot and cause damage to the roof in the long run or weigh it down when they get too heavy. This part of the shed is the most exposed to elements, so that it may need replacement after some time. You can still seal small leaks, but if the roof starts to rot, then it would be best to replace it.

Cut tree branches touching the shed

If you have several trees in your garden, make sure none touches the shed, as it could damage it. Cut branches that touch it. These branches may fall during strong wind or storm, and it could destroy your shed.

Apply lubrication on hinges

The hinges in your shed, including those in windows and doors, can be hard to move in the long run. They may also get noisy when in use. Lubrication is the key to keeping them moving smoothly and quietly.

Keep your shed in top shape with the tips above. Besides cleaning the outside, do the same on the inside to keep your things organised.

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Patton Bork
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