Stress-Free House Cleaning: Weekly Plan

House cleaning is often a cause of stress, especially for family members where both parents work and spend very little time at home during the day. Sometimes, it’s even scary just to think about how much time you have to spend cleaning your house on the weekend, when you could spend this time a lot more fun. The desire of all families is to keep the house clean during the week, despite the busyness and responsibilities.

To approach the process of cleaning your home without stress and significant effort, you need a carefully thought out plan. By dedicating 30 minutes a day to housework, you won’t have to put in too much effort to keep your house clean. This will help to avoid a situation where household chores will accumulate or be postponed until later. We offer a weekly cleaning plan divided by room and type of task to complete. You can order house cleaning in Chicago and professional cleaners will do this work for you quickly and efficiently!

Floors and carpet cleaning

To keep the floor clean, it is very important to wash and sweep it regularly at certain times. It’s a good habit to sweep the floor after eating to remove any crumbs right away; then it will be sufficient to vacuum the floor twice a week and wash it once a week. Use specialized cleaners, as well as vinegar and baking soda, to remove bacteria and stains from surfaces.

Don’t forget to clean your carpets too! Be sure to include vacuuming the carpet in your weekly ruffle. Carpet cleaning will help to clean them of dust and lint of animals (if any live in the house).

Bathroom cleaning

The bathroom is especially in need of cleanliness, especially if you have small children. No one likes to clean the bathroom after a long break, because it is usually very difficult to clean it afterwards. Once again, proper planning will save a lot of time and keep your bathroom clean for a long time.

The sink and toilet bowl should be cleaned every 2 days using an antibacterial agent to disinfect and remove stains and scale that very quickly appears on ceramics and faucets. It is recommended to change towels and bathrobes once a week.

Kitchen cleaning

Like other areas of your home, the kitchen also needs to be kept clean. This is worth doing not only to maintain the external gloss, but also to ensure that the space used for cooking is hygienic.

Washing dishes: If you don’t have a dishwasher, it’s very important not to leave dishes in the sink after eating. Not only because dirty dishes breed bacteria and spread bad odors, but also so that when you come home from work with a set list of chores around the house, a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink doesn’t demotivate you. Always clean the hob and kitchen counter immediately after cooking, so that you do not waste time cleaning later. Get in the habit of preparing breakfast foods immediately after dinner, and dinner foods immediately after breakfast. This can save a lot of cooking time for both breakfast and dinner.

Bed cleaning

No one likes to make their bed every day, but when you come home after a day’s work and find your bed made, it creates a pleasant sense of order and, therefore, a feeling of satisfaction.


The last item on our plan is the laundry. Not because laundry is less important or requires less effort from you than other household chores. For some of us, ironing washed clothes is very difficult. We advise you not to hoard dirty laundry for too long, and also not to mix clothes and items for different purposes. Schedule at least one wash of bed linen, bathrobes, kitchen and other towels, bathrobes each week as they need a more thorough wash. Plan your second wash for the items you wear during the week. Pay special attention to the clothes you wear most often, to their material and composition.

The clothes you wear for sports need special care to eliminate bad odors compared to the clothes you wear to work or in your free time. Depending on the types of clothing made from different materials, plan at least one wash once a week. Give preference to a night wash, so you can hang your laundry in the morning, and in the evening after work, collect it dry, immediately putting aside those things that do not need to be ironed.

And now ironing is one of the most hated household chores of anyone who has ever encountered it. Thanks to careful planning of washing during the week, even ironing can become quite an easy task. Due to the fact that it will take less time, since things separated by different washings are easier and faster to iron.

Home cleaning every week

Make it a rule to ventilate the rooms: it is a good habit to do this immediately after sleep during the preparation for work, i.e. when the traffic on the street is not yet so big and the air is slightly polluted. If the house does not use central heating, then 10 minutes a day is enough to freshen the air throughout the house.

In conclusion, I would like to say that organizing household chores will greatly facilitate your life, and you will have the opportunity to spend more time with your family on walks and do whatever you want, just not cleaning the apartment or house.

Patton Bork
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