Top 7 New House Trends

New homes would be the top tier with regards to real estate simply because they afford the choice to personalize your house the way you like with upgrades and also you end up being the first owner of the house. As real estate market proceeds its road to recovery there are lots of home builders who’re now reconsidering what to incorporate in a brand new home’s standard features list.

A number of these recently incorporated standard features formerly offered as pricey options so new house buyers today are becoming the most recent in little luxuries with no heavy cost tag. Take a look at seven from the latest new house trends and their list handy while you browse new homes to determine what’s incorporated within the builder’s standard features list.

Granite Countertops and Undermount Sinks in Kitchen and Baths – This premier touch the surface of high finish homes is visible around the standard features listing of townhouses along with other moderately priced qualities nowadays. Another help to granite countertop surfaces may be the undermount sink and that means you will not have sink edges rising up beyond the countertop developing a very clean, modern look.

Family Room Evolution – Living spaces accustomed to function as the important gathering room but today’s homeowners have a tendency to gather in the kitchen area rather. If builders are utilizing a floorplan which includes a family room you may expect it to provide features unseen in living spaces of history like ethernet wall ports and home entertainment system niches to cover home entertainment hardware.

Wood Front Doorways – The cold steel door is much more frequently being exchanged using the vastly more appealing wood door. Wood doorways are available in many styles varying from intricate glass detailed doorways to wood doorways similar to individuals observed in builder home design.

Hardwood Flooring – Throughout the middle and late twentieth century it had been extremely popular to possess carpeting during your home since it would be a softer walking surface and stored the floors warmer than hardwood and tile throughout the winter. Since under floor heating and also the interest in low maintenance flooring have grown to be more prevalent it’s expected that hardwood flooring will replace carpeting in high traffic areas like foyers, hallways and family rooms.

Stone Exteriors and Accents – Vinyl siding is extremely low maintenance and styling options have become recently. Nevertheless, full stone exteriors or stone accented exteriors are hot simply because they give an increased entrance charm to some home which help split up the monotony of some home designs.

Solid Interior Doorways – An more and more growing trend in new house design are solid interior doorways. Solid interior doorways will vary simply because they produce a more powerful seem barrier between rooms and therefore are stronger.

Nine to 10 Feet Bottom Floor Ceilings – Feeling cramped in the house is the main reason homeowners choose to progress right into a bigger home. One of the ways builders are countering this problem would be to raise ceiling height by one or two ft getting the entire floor to ceiling distance to nine or ten ft. This results in a vastly more open space and also the cost to builders is minimal.

Utilizing their list from the seven latest new house trends, a few of which is now able to found standard in new homes, you’ve got the distinct benefit of purchasing the most house your money can buy and proudly owning that will need couple of, or no, updates should you choose to sell later on.

Patton Bork
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