Top Tips for Dressing up Your Dining Room

The dining room is probably the hardest room in the house to decorate. It needs to be functional, remain resistant to spills or stains, and comfortable enough to house guests for dinner parties. If you are in the middle of redecorating your dining room and have found yourself in a creative slump, this is the article for you! We are going to be discussing all our top tips and interior design ideas for the dining room today. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Beautiful Tableware

It’s the little details that really make a difference, especially in your dining room. That’s why we recommend investing in some beautiful tableware. This will certainly grab your guests’ attention, as they’ll be eating off of it! Penny Morrison for example has a stunning tableware range, offering everything from Granada ceramics to blue and white china. Let’s not forget about laying down napkins. Try to buy patterns that match the overall colour and aesthetic of your dining room. For example, cottagey rooms look lovely with floral napkins, whilst modern rooms are better suited to tablecloths with a bold print. Placemats can also make a big difference to the appearance of your dining room. Last but not least, buy some elegant decanter and cutlery sets!

Adding Textures

There aren’t many soft surfaces in dining rooms, which can make them look and feel quite hard or unwelcoming. This also means that there aren’t many textures in the room. As any interior design guru would know, textures are a must. So, where exactly can you do this? Well, there are multiple options. Most obviously, you can add a runner to your dining table. Not only can these prevent the table from sustaining any damage, but also add a pleasant softness to the dining room. As well as this, fitting your chairs with upholstery can help provide some texture and aesthetic appeal. This also makes sitting in the chairs much more comfortable for your guests. An attractive rug certainly wouldn’t go amiss in a dining room, either. These can help to stop table and chair legs from ruining your lovely floor, too.

Embellish the Walls

You are somewhat limited regarding the furniture in a dining room. Too many pieces can result in everything looking cluttered and create trip hazards (which aren’t ideal when you are carrying hot food or drinks). As such, we instead recommend focusing on beautifying the walls in your dining room. Adding some lovely wallpaper can help to make the space look visually dynamic – just don’t choose anything too gaudy or incongruent. Hanging up a few statement pieces of artwork or ambient paintings will also help to enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal. Once again, it is important to choose wall hangings that match the overall colour scheme or aesthetic of your dining room. Otherwise, everything will look a bit odd.

These are some of our top tips for dressing up your dining room. We hope that you’ve come away from our article feeling inspired!

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