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What is Audio Visual Integration?

Whether you’re looking to effectively display a PowerPoint presentation to a small team in a meeting room or want to host a video conference in an open space, audio visual integration will play a key role. Similarly if you’re looking to introduce new products to those in a shopping mall or lead a meeting with clients from across the globe, you’ll need technologies to work together seamlessly.

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate. But what exactly is audio visual integration and audio visual design? And how can it benefit you? Let’s take a closer look.

Audio Visual Integration – An Overview 

Audio visual integration has become a bit of a buzzword of late. But with more people working remotely than ever before, it’s actually become a pretty big deal. Essentially, audio visual relates to hearing and sight. Audio visual integration on the other hand is about combining technologies relating to hearing and sight in order to meet the needs of a particular client. For example, AV installers Kent coordinate speakers, projectors, control panels, video conferencing software and more in a bid to:

  • Revolutionise business communications
  • Improve collaborations between global offices and remote workers
  • Facilitate company expansion through remote interviews
  • Achieve more productive meetings through smarter presentation techniques
  • Implement a more-efficient meeting set-up
  • Improve sales on shop floors and in retail environments
  • Stand out from competitors with innovative marketing

The design bit is all about making audio and visual technology look as impressive as possible while ensuring it’s practical and intuitive to use.

What Types of Audio Visual Technologies Are There?

Every business is different. That’s why the world of audio visual integration has become increasingly diverse. There are many different options to consider if you’re thinking about enhancing your existing communication system. The following pieces of audio visual equipment are in high demand and professional installers will help you find the right technology for your specific needs.

  • Video conferencing systems – this includes Microsoft Team, Skype For Business and Zoom.
  • Meeting room solutions – technology includes Zoom, StarLeaf and more.
  • Meeting room booking system displays
  • Wall boards – these can help you deliver promotional messages effectively and are frequently used in retail environments as well as across the hospitality industry.
  • Digital signage – promote your business USPs creatively.
  • Wireless presentation systems – this allows for a quick and easy setup as you won’t have to fumble around with cables or electricity sockets.
  • Zone background music systems – think wireless microphones to help create an idyllic business environment for consumers to enjoy.
  • Video walls – grab and hold attention with impressive visuals and crystal clear audio. Again these can be particularly effective in retail environments. Bespoke video walls can help your brand stand out from the crowd and are ideal for promotional content.

Audio visual integration is revolutionising the way we work. It makes it much easier to unite with colleagues from across the globe and allows for intelligent formal collaborations. Audio visual technology is also a great promotional tool that can give businesses the edge over competitors. Find out more today.

Patton Bork
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